Social Thinking Curriculum

Social Thinking Curriculum
During the course of the school year, we will be using these books and focusing on these concepts:

Book: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings
Your brain is a thought maker
Your heart is a feelings keeper
A feeling is something that happens in your body.
To help us talk about our feelings we use words such as; happy, sad, mad, and scared. 

Book : The Group Plan
When everyone is thinking about and doing the same thing it is called the group plan.
When everyone follows the group plan, everyone feels good.  

Book: Thinking With Your Eyes
Eyes are like arrows, they point to what you are looking at.
What we look at shows others what we are thinking about.  

Book: Body in the Group
When your body is close but not too close, it lets others know you are interested in following the same group plan.  
When your body is far away from others, it tells your friends you are not interested in the group plan.