Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cub Cadets Graduates 2013

Congratulations to the Graduates from the 
2013 The Cub Cadet Classroom
Best Wishes in Kindergarten this fall!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of the Year Video

It has been a wonderful year in the Cub Cadet Classroom.  
Enjoy the video from our end of the year celebration. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Preschool Life Skills Play

The Cub Cadet Classroom performed an orignal play called:
How the Big Bad Wolves Learned Preschool Life Skills

This play was inspired by a researched based social skills curriculum by Dr. Hanley.  It is a classroom wide based program that teaches critical social skills.  It focuses on instruction following, functional communication, tolerance, and friendships.  We also use aspects from Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum, to go along with these lifeskills. The children did an amazing job! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Things That Grow(Last Week) June 3-7

Last Week of Things That Grow
Classroom Happenings:
-Our End of the Year Party will be on Thursday June 6 at 11:45
-We are practicing our lines for our play and are very excited for families to come to our show. 
-As the end of the year approaches, we will be sending home progress reports.  If you have an questions or would like to meet to discuss your child's progress please contact me. Unit: Things That Grow
Children will explore how living things grow, using observations, experiments, and books.  Through story time readings, children will hear about ducks who find a special home, a new baby on a farm, a boy who grows from baby to school age, and a girl who discovers the joys of growing vegetables. Children continue to learn about letters, sounds, and rhyming words, and participate in many other math, science, music, poetry, and art activities.
Theme Concepts:

-Living things grow and have life cycles.
-Living things reproduce, and the offspring are the same kind of plant or animal as their parents.
-Living things need food, water, and proper living conditions to survive.
-Immature living things need special care.
-Living things interact, and among animals there are predators and prey.
Books This Week:
Make Way For Ducklings
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Small Groups:
Science- Creating a paper model and labeling the parts of a plant
Art- Creating a Duck from Make Way For Ducklings
Language- We will be writing beginning letter sounds for the word family -at onto butterflies
-Drama- We will be practicing for our "play" and be practicing for other classrooms
-Dramatic Play- house
-Sensory Table- model magic

-Art Table- bingo dobbers and butterflies
-Science-Bumble Bee and magnifying glasses

-Writing Table- markers or Ipads
-Math- manipulatives
-Library- Books about growing

Songs, Word Play, and Letters
-Green Grass Grows All Around
- I am thinking of something..(using vocab words from our unit; molt, grow, seeds aroma, mammal, egg,)

-Five Little Ducks
-First comes a Butterfly who lays an egg

-We will be working on our number books for HWT.  We will be using our workbooks and hands on activities to practice writing our numbers (dry erase boards, chalk boards, magnet boards)
-We will be beginning to work on "ear spelling" until the end of the year. This is to prepare them to write the letters they hear in a word.
Preschool Life Skills
1-When a teacher calls your name, stop, look and say, "Yes".
2-When a teacher tells you to do something, do it "Right Away".
3-When a teacher tells you to do 2 things, do it "Right Away".
4-When something is too hard, first try then say,"Can you help me please?"
5-When you something from a teacher or a friend and they are doing something, say, "Excuse me" to get them to look at you.
(6and 7 are join together)
7-When someone is in your way or has something that you want, say "Excuse me" to get their attention, and then say"May I_____?" to get what you want.
8-When an adult tells you to wait say, "Okay", and your waiting words. (Waiting Words= "When I wait quietly, I get what I want")
9- When a friend tells you to wait say, "Okay", and your waiting words. (Waiting Words= "When I wait quietly, I get what I want")
New Skill:
10- When someone gives you something, look at them and say, "Thank you."

We also have been learning:
"Checking our Body" - This is to remind us how to sit during large group activities. We will talk about how to "check" our bodies to get ready to listen. This is a important skill as we transition into kindergarten.