Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cub Cadet Class Movie

Cub Cadet Class Movie
Please click on the link below to watch our class video:

The Great Outdoors (June 9-13 and June16-20)

Books During our Last 2 Weeks
The Tiny Seed
Hello Ocean
Zinna's Flower Garden
When We Go Camping

Our last day of school is Friday June 20, 2014
Below are the activities for our last 2 weeks of school:
Let's Talk About It
How to Hide Hide a Butterfly (book)
-How animals camouflage in the woods
-What did we see on our hike?
-What animals do you see in the woods on a hike and what animals we will not see? (ie we might see birds, not alligators or zebras. Where do they live instead?)
-Canoe boat races (Predicting which boats move more quickly and why

Small Groups For This Week:
-Alphabet Hike- Using plates we will go on a hike and try to find things that begin with each letter.  When we find an object that begins with each letter, we will fold it back.  (ie. T for tree)
-Camping Vocabulary Books
-5 picture sequence of a family going camping
-Handwriting Without Tears Number Books
-Fine Motor small group using putty
-Initial Letter Sounds- We will plan a breakfast by creating menus by looking at words then trying to match the pictures of food by listening the beginning sounds

Rug Activity-Legos
Art Table: a variety of paint to mix/ watercolors
Blocks:  blocks and cars
Sensory Table: sand and sand toys/ sand and shells
Book Area: books about The Great Outdoors
Writing Table: crayons and paper to write to Dad
Dramatic Play:Making breakfast for our Dads/ restaurant
Puzzles and Manipulative: puzzles / Ipads

Songs and Word Play Activities
-Owl Hooting Game (Who's Missing) - One child covers their eyes. A child will hid and hoot like an owl. The child will have to guess who is missing.
-A camping we will go.
-Singing our favorite songs
-Bean Bag Tossing Game
-Comparing long and short words (ie. car/dinosaur)How they look longer and sound longer
- Tapping sticks and other rhyme sticks songs