Friday, February 16, 2018

Community Week 3 (Feb. 26-March 2)

Week 3
Books This Week:
Doctor DeSoto
The Ugly Vegetables

Weekly Questions
What does it mean to be a “good neighbor”?
How can we help our neighbors?

Small Groups For This Week:
Journals- We will be writing and drawing about our vacations adventures.
Community Bingo Game
Sorting Community Helper attributes
Searching and Sorting uppercase N and lowercase n letters.
Searching and Sorting uppercase M and lowercase m letters.
2 D shapes in our community
Upstairs/Downstairs using 10 frames

Let's Talk About It
Care for older people (elderly)
Tooth Anatomy
Pulley and simple machine exploration (from the science center)

Art Table: making our houses
Block Area: Blocks and community people
Sensory Table: gardening
Book Area: books about community
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: markers
Dramatic Play: Det Dentist

Puzzles and Manipulatives: simple machines(ramps, pulleys)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Cub Cadet Olympic Games

Today celebrated the Winter Olympics by having the 2018 Cub Cadet Winter Olympics.  We took torches through the high school and offices as part of our opening ceremonies.  We also found the Olympic rings in the high school lobby dedicated to Burlington's Olympic athletes.  Then we came back to our school and participated in Olympic events such as; the long jump, ring tossing, fly swatter hockey, and snowball relays.  After each event, we put a sticker on our passports. In the spirit of the games, we also shook hands to the friend we played against and said "Good Game". It was an Olympic day!!


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Possible Half Day Tomorrow

Please read the letter below: 
Please note that if we have a half day our classroom will dismiss at 11:30

Dear Families,

With the uncertainty of tomorrow’s predicted snow and its timing, I wanted to warn you of the possibility of an early dismissal.

If Dr. Conti calls for an early dismissal of the Burlington Public Schools on Wednesday, February 7all BECC students will be dismissed at 11:30 AM, and there will be no afternoon preschool.  Nothing is certain at this time, however, I wanted to give you time to make preparations if needed.  At this time, Dr. Conti is watching the weather and will make a decision when he has more information about the track of the storm.

Thank you,
Deborah Clark, Director, BECC

Friday, February 2, 2018

Pictures from our Snow Unit

We conducted a snow experiment.  We had 3 bowls filled to the top with snow.  One we placed in the freezer, one we placed in an insulated container, and one we left on a tray in our classroom.  We made predictions of what we thought was going to happen.  

 Ice Fishing for words and Snowman Bowling
How many counters can you fit in each mitten??

Finding letters on "snowballs" to spell a word

Community Unit Week 1 and 2 (Feb. 5-9 and Feb. 12-16)

Upcoming Classroom Happenings:
Our class will be distributing Valentine Cards on Feb. 14. I will be sending home a list and directions of how to prepare the cards. Your child can pick inexpensive cards at the store(no food please) or make homemade cards from home. More information will go home Monday of next week.
Week 1
Books This Week:
Good-Bye Curtis
A Pocket for Corduroy

Concepts This Week for Unit:
-My address
-What is a community
-Different communities children belong to
Small Groups For This Week:
-Writing- We will be creating a letter book by writing uppercase letters using proper HWT formations by matching the beginning sound of pictures on socks to create a “pair”.  (This activity may take 2 small groups to complete)
-Math-Weighing- We will be using scales to weigh different packages. We will compare their weight first by estimating which is heavier by feeling it then we will use a scale to see which package is heavier and lighter.  We will then put them in size order from the lightest to the heaviest.
-QR Code Reading Letter Activity- We will be scanning QR codes using Ipads to reveal an animal. We will listen to the beginning sound of the word and write the letter we hear from a HWT model
-Writing -We will be writing a journal entry about where we live.  We will be reinforcing our addresses.  Ask your child about their address.  This is something we have been working on.  
-Language- We will be sequencing pictures to retell the story of Corduroy
Handwriting Activities
Letter / Handwriting Small Groups (Letters this week are A and V)

Art Table: Designing pockets for Corduroy
Block Area: Building house for a community
Sensory Table: Water and bubbles (soap like in our book)
Book Area: books about community
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: homemade stamps
Dramatic Play: Laundromat
Puzzles and Manipulatives: tangrams and puzzles

Week 2
Books This Week:
A Pocket for Corduroy
Doctor DeSoto

Concepts This Week for Unit:
Community Workers that help us
Going to the Dentist
Pulley and simple machine exploration

Small Groups For This Week:
-Circle Attributes- We will discuss what a circle is. (ie. not corners, round,) We will objects then take about how they are circles. Then we will take clipboards and go on a circle hunt in the preschool.
-Letters to Animals- We will be writing stamps (writing beginning letters sounds) for animals.  After we write our stamps we will sort our envelopes into mailboxes.  This is to practice for our valentine cards
-Letter knowledge- We will match uppercase letters to their lowercase letters.  Each mailbox will have an uppercase letter. Then they will cut and glue the correct lowercase letter envelope to go next to the correct mailbox.
-Tooth sorting- We will cut and sort teeth by size (related to our unit book Dr. Desoto)
Letter Activity:  Focusing on Letters M and N
We will learn what these uppercase and lowercase letters look like.  
We will sort magnetic letters into groups of uppercase and lowercase groups for each letter. We will hunt for them in our names and the names of our classmates.
We will use crayons to hunt for them on our papers.  

Art Table: Painting our houses
Block Area: Blocks and community people (taking pictures to make a class book too)
Sensory Table: Brushing Teeth (bottom of soda bottles to look teeth and toothbrushes)
Book Area: books about community
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: markers
Dramatic Play: Chinese Takeout Shop( Happy Chinese New Year)

Puzzles and Manipulatives: simple machines(ramps, pulleys)