Friday, February 16, 2018

Community Week 3 (Feb. 26-March 2)

Week 3
Books This Week:
Doctor DeSoto
The Ugly Vegetables

Weekly Questions
What does it mean to be a “good neighbor”?
How can we help our neighbors?

Small Groups For This Week:
Journals- We will be writing and drawing about our vacations adventures.
Community Bingo Game
Sorting Community Helper attributes
Searching and Sorting uppercase N and lowercase n letters.
Searching and Sorting uppercase M and lowercase m letters.
2 D shapes in our community
Upstairs/Downstairs using 10 frames

Let's Talk About It
Care for older people (elderly)
Tooth Anatomy
Pulley and simple machine exploration (from the science center)

Art Table: making our houses
Block Area: Blocks and community people
Sensory Table: gardening
Book Area: books about community
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: markers
Dramatic Play: Det Dentist

Puzzles and Manipulatives: simple machines(ramps, pulleys)

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