Friday, June 8, 2018

End of the year Video

The end of the school year is fast approaching! We are so proud of the Cub Cadets and all of their accomplishments during their time with us.  It has been a wonderful year!!
Best Wishes,
Lisa, Liz, and Joan
Cub Cadets Teachers

Friday, June 1, 2018

Camping Unit (June 4-June 22)

June 4-8
Books This Week
Just Me and My Dad
Bailey Goes Camping

Let's Talk About It
-What activities do you do outside for fun?
-Outdoor Safety
-Cooking Outside(BBQ, camping, fishing for dinner)
-Recreational activities in the water(canoe, swimming, kayaking..)

Small Groups For This Week:
Phonemic Awareness- We will be matching pictures that rhyme to create Rhyming Rainbows
S’mores Rolling Game- Using a cube with ingredients to make smores on each side, we will take turns to create as many s’mores as we can.  We will note who made the most and what ingredients we can share to create more s'mores.
Marshmallow Measuring- Using marshmallow rulers, we will measure to see how long camping vocabulary pictures are (ie. a canoe is 10 marshmallows long). Then we will measure other objects at our tables to extend.
Fishing for Letters- We will be using fishing rods to catch fish with letters on them.  We will name the letter, the sound it makes and brainstorm as many words that begin with the letter before we put it in our buckets.  
Journal Writing about camping

Handwriting Without Tears Activities
Number Formations 1-5

Rug Activity- Lincoln Logs
Art Table: Using red and orange paint and cutting brown paper to create a campfire
Blocks: building "campfires" with blocks and red tissue paper
Sensory Table: Sink and Float Exploration with "canoes" and some cargo.
Book Area: books about The Great Outdoors
Writing Table: making camping lists
Dramatic Play: Zoo Animals (comparing to forest animals)
Puzzles and Manipulative: puzzles

June 11-15
Week 2
Books This Week
Curious George Goes Camping
Bailey Goes Camping
Froggy Goes Camping

Small Groups For This Week:
Creating Sets Math- Sets of 5. We will create sets of 5 objects using camping pictures.  This is to introduce simple addition sentences( 2+3=5)
Flashlight Letters- We will use flashlights in our classroom to find letters in the dark.  We will record the letters on our papers.
Secret Words(Phonemic Activity) We will be given a set of 3 letters.  We will match the letters on our papers to the beginning sounds in pictures.  The order of the letters will spell out a secret word. We will then draw a picture of the secret word
Gross Motor- We will navigate through a river rock obstacle course in the hall. Each time we complete the course, each child will pick up a rock with a letter and say the sound the letter makes before starting again.
What’s Missing- Using a frame of 6 or 9 spaces, we will remember objects on the frames.  Then a teacher or friend will take one away and we will try to remember the missing object.  

Handwriting Without Tears Activities
Number Formations 6-10

Rug Activity- Building Tracks
Art Table: dandelion art- using yellow paint with forks to make flower and green paint to make stem
Blocks: blocks to build boats with
Sensory Table: floating fish and boats
Book Area: books about The Great Outdoors
Writing Table: Unit Vocabulary Words
Dramatic Play: Camp Site
Puzzles and Manipulative: puzzles

Songs and Word Play Activities
-Owl Hooting Game (Who's Missing) - One child covers their eyes. A child will hide and hoot like an owl. The child will have to guess who is missing.

June 18-22
Books This Week
Absolutely Not
Molly Goes Hiking
Sheep on a Hike

Small Groups For This Week:
Camping Math- We will spin a spinner then record which picture is the outcome.  We will create a chart and discuss math terms such as most, least, and equal.
Math-Counters in a cup. We will be using marshmallows to count to 10. Then we will put some in the cup and leave others out of the cup.  We will record how many different ways we will make 10.
Camping Vocabulary Rhyming Books- We will use vocabulary words to find words that rhyme to create a book
Sequencing Camping Scene- We will be coloring then sequencing a camping scene. We will give details about the pictures and try to tell an oral story about the sequence.
Board Games- We will choose our favorite board games to reinforce turn taking during our last week of school
Our Last Day Class Reward- We will vote what we would like our last reward to be.

Rug Activity-Legos
Art Table: bear activities
Blocks:  blocks
Sensory Table: sticks, small stones,  and tissue paper to make a campsite
Book Area: books about The Great Outdoors
Dramatic Play:We will vote for our favorite dramatic play and class will decide
Puzzles and Manipulative: puzzles

Handwriting Without Tears Activities
Number Formations Review 1-10