Friday, April 6, 2018

Transportation Unit Week 4 April 15-20

Week 4
Books This Week:
Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel
The Adventures of Taxi Dog
Concepts we discuss:
-Sorting different kinds of transportation-Public and other city transportation
-Space Travel (I want to be an astronaut book)

Small Groups For This Week:
-Same Sound Bingo- We will be playing a bingo game by listening to the first sound in words.  If a teacher says a word (ie dog) we will find a picture with the same sound to color (ie dino)
-Parking Lot Game- We will be “parking” lettered cars on pictures that begin with the sound of the correct letters in this turn-taking game
-Syllable Transportation Books- We will be clapping a variety of transportation vocabulary words to create a flip book
-Simple Machine Books- We will be starting a book to create our own ramps, levers, and other ways to move a ball from one place to another.  This will be an exploration science activity that will take several small group times.
-Stack/Roll or Both- We will use ramps and 3D shapes to discover how 3 D shapes move. We will record our finding on our papers
-Balls from Home Experiment- On Friday, students are invited to bring in a ball and we will explore how different objects move based on size, shape, weight, or any other interesting features.  
Handwriting Without Tears Activities
Letter / Handwriting Small Groups (Letters this week are Y and Z)

Art Table: hoop gliders to make
Block Area: cars and blocks to build roads
Sensory Table:sailboats and fans to move them
Book Area: books about transportation
Dramatic Play: Submarine

Big Rug: Dollhouses and cars (make a town like in our book)