Classroom Schedule

8:30-8:45                   Arrival and Morning Meeting
8:45-9:05                   Story
(Include a multiple reading approach to develop language skills and concept development
9:05-9:30                 Literacy/Handwriting Without Tears Small Groups
9:30-10:10              Choice Time
                                (Include introducing children to centers by showing selected objects from                                     each center and briefly demonstrating activities to help them make a first                                             choice.)
(Children are engaged in self-selected activities.  Children explore and experiment with materials, deepen their understanding of various concepts, and practice emerging skills.
10:10-10:20               Bathroom
10:20-10:40               Playground
10:40-11:20               Lunch 
11:20-11:35                 Math/ Social Studies/Science/Preschool Life Skills Circle/Social Thinking
(Include building children’s background knowledge using information form nonfiction books and giving them firsthand exposure to objects and processes./Include provide topics of social and emotional importance to discuss.)
11:35-12:00              Math Small Groups/Fine Motor Activities
12:00-12:20               Songs, Word Play and Letters
(Includes large group to help children develop phonological awareness, alphabet letter knowledge, and vocabulary.)       
12:20-12:30             Goodbye Circle / Dismissal 

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