Motivational System

Classroom Motivational System
     I'm sure by now your child has told you about the mystery bags from our classroom. Below is a brief description of our classroom system.
        In our classroom each child is given a “High Five” chart.  When each child exhibits a desired classroom behavior, they will get a star to add to their “High Five” chart.  These behaviors range from listening nicely to a story, raising their hand and waiting, pushing a friend on the swing, transitioning to new activities, passing material to a friend, or using one of our Preschool Life Skills independently. The children are very excited and proud when a teacher notices them doing good work and then getting a star. Each child loves adding stars to their hands. This system provides all children with a model of how to be a good friend and what appropriate school behavior looks like.  
        When each child receives 5 stars and fills up their individual "High Five" hand, they will choose a mystery bag.  They will not open these bags in school but bring them home to open.  They may have inside their bag a small prize or a classroom coupon that is good for a special job at school.  They can keep their prizes at home, but they can return their coupon in their folder so they can redeem it at school to have a special job in school.   (examples: Turn to ring the classroom bell, teacher helper for the day, go to the office with the cub of the day.)  
 Several weeks after of every child received a mystery bag the motivation system will change slightly.  When a child receives a high five they will then place their name in a bucket.  At the end of the day, one or two names will be pulled from the bucket and they will receive a mystery bag.  However, everyone will receive a special sticker to add to their cubby wall or bring home. 
During the school year, our class will also be working toward group rewards.  For example, if everyone receives a high five in a day we will place one block in a bucket.  When we collect 10 blocks in the bucket we will receive a special group reward (ie. picnic lunch outside, pajama day, superhero day where everyone dresses as their favorite superhero, eat lunch in the high school cafeteria, extra playground times).

       If you have any questions about our motivation system, feel free to email or call me.  The system will continue but may change slightly as the children progress through the school year.  Thank you for your help and encouraging your child to get a "High Five".

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