Friday, December 7, 2018

Gingerbread Unit (December 10-14 and 17-21)

Reminder Our Winter Family Celebration will be on Friday, December 14 from 10:30-11:00
December 10-14
Books This Week:
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Girl

Concept For This Week:
-Patterns (Pattern in books and patterns in the environment)
-Rhyming Pairs

Small Groups This Week:
-Gingerbread House matching- We will be cutting pictures of rhyming picture pairs.  We will mix up our pictures.  Then we will place the rhyming pairs in the house.  We will put them in a baggie to take home.  Practice finding the rhyming pairs at home with your child.  
-Gingerbread Shape House- We will color a blank house.  We will be using shapes to create a gingerbread house.  We will name a shape then roll a number cube.  Then we will find the shapes from a field and count the correct number on the cube.  We will use the shapes to decorate our houses. We will also stamp the number of each shape we used in our house.  
-Gingerbread Man Problem Solving-  We will be given objects to help the gingerbread man make a bridge to get over the river. (straws, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks) We will experiment using each material to build a bridge across a pail of water.  We will talk about which materials worked the best and why.  We will also talk about which material did not work well and why.  
-Gingerbread Turn Taking Game- We will take turns spinning a spinner and then record what the spinner lands on.  We will observe which colors the spinner landed on the most, least, or equal.

Handwriting Activities
(Letters this week are Jj and Dd)
Letter Activity: We will learn what these uppercase and lowercase letters look like.  
We will sort magnetic letters into groups of uppercase and lowercase groups for each letter. We will hunt for them in our names and the names of our classmates

Art Table: making gingerbread men in trays
Block Area: blocks with the gingerbread man
Sensory Table: role play of how the gingerbread man tried to get across the river (water, gingerbread man, fox, and other animals to watch)
Book Area: books about gingerbread
Independent Table: Write the room
Dramatic Play: Gingerbread Bread Bakery
Puzzles and Manipulatives: gingerbread man ten frames

December 17-21
December 15 Family Show
Books This Week:
Gingerbread Baby
Gingerbread Friends

Concept For This Week:
-Social thinking -Thinking with our eyes- Looking at unit books to reinforce this concept
-How can we solve a problem (related to gingerbread story)

Small Groups This Week:
-Rhyming Cookie Pairs- We will be labeling 2 cookies on a tray.  Then they will identify if the words rhyme or not rhyme.  We will then sort our cookie trays on our papers
-Turn Taking Games- (Candy Land, Shoots and Ladders, and Zingo) Inspired by our gingerbread unit. We will reinforce turn taking language in this classic fun game.
-Gingerbread House Letter Matching- In groups we will cut and then match letters onto our houses (matching uppercase to lowercase or lowercase to lowercase)

Handwriting Activities
Handwriting Books (Letters this week are Jj and Dd)

Art Table-Brown finger painting on gingerbread
Block Area:blocks to build gingerbread houses
Sensory Table: gingerbread “moon sand”
Book Area: books about gingerbread
Easel:gingerbread painting
Dramatic Play:Gingerbread Bakery continued (more materials will be added to extend)
Puzzles and Manipulatives: Ipads