Friday, March 2, 2018

Community Unit March 5-9

Week 4
This is our last week of Community
Books This Week:
Knuffle Bunny
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Small Groups For This Week:
-Journal- We will be writing in our journals about our favorite community helpers.
-Dinosaur Nests- We will be writing our diagonal lines letters (M, N, R, K) and matching better sounds of pictures.  We will be cutting dino “eggs” and matching them to the correct letter nests.  
-Dinosaur Roll and Stamp- Using a number cube, we will roll and identify the number and stamp the matching number in this turn-taking game
-Part/Part/Whole- We will be creating a set of 10 dinosaurs (whole).  Then we will be breaking apart the whole number into 2 parts by moving dinosaur pieces. (6 dino in one part and 4 dinos in one part) We will see how many different parts we can create.  Try this at home.  
-One More and One Less Game- We will roll a cube and count that many dinosaurs.  We will add “one more” to the set or remove one with the promote “one less”.  We will record how many dinosaurs are in the new set on our papers.
Handwriting Without Tears Books- We will be practicing our uppercase M and N in our diagonal line books.  We will be focusing on directionality and accurate coloring of objects.  
-Dino 1:1 game- We will roll a number cube.  Then we will roll another cube which will tell us to add “one more” or remove “one less.  We will then take that many dinosaurs and place them on our game boards in a turn taking game.

Let's Talk About It
Community Helper Visits (Lawyer, Police Officer, Nurse)
Caring for our community
More discussion about pulleys and ramps

Art Table: Medical Bag / House Class Project
Block Area: Blocks
Sensory Table: Dinosaur Dig- Dino bones, sand, and paint brushes
Book Area: books about community
Dramatic Play: Train Station

Big Rug: Dinosaur Mountain

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