Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Transportation Theme Weeks 1 and 2 (March 19-23, March 26-30)

Week 1

Books This Week:
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
Mr. George Baker

Concepts This Week for Unit:
-What is Transportation?
-Transportation then and now (cars now/horse then)
-Why do we use transportation?
-How do people travel? (land, sea, air)

Small Groups For This Week:
Positional Word Game: We used trains in this game.  A teacher will place a train in a position on their train paper and then will hide it under a container. Then the teacher gave the position of the train orally and students had to place their train in the matching spot. (Ex. My train is between the signs, My train is under the flowers and above the train station)
Transportation Memory: After discussing transportation pictures and talking about if they would be air, land, or water transportation we played a memory game.  
Name Trains: We created trains with the letters of our name using “fundation” lines on each car.  
Ways to Make 5: Using transportation pictures, we made sets of 5. For example, 3 submarines and 2 trains then we wrote the numbers on each page to practice number formation
Geometric Transportation: In small groups, we were given a variety of 2 D shapes to create our own transportation shapes.  
Journal: What is land transportation?

Letter Activity:  Focusing on Letters W and X
We will learn what these uppercase and lowercase letters look like.  
We will sort magnetic letters into groups of uppercase and lowercase groups for each letter. We will hunt for them in our names and the names of our classmates. We will use crayons to hunt for them on our papers.

Art Table: Car tracks in paint
Block Area: blocks and cars
Sensory Table: Water and bubbles (soap like in our book)
Book Area: books about transportation
Easel: open-ended painting
Writing Table: cards for military
Dramatic Play: Horseback riding
Puzzles and Manipulatives: ramps

Week 2
Books This Week:
The Little House
Night Driving

Concepts This Week for Unit:
-Pedestrian Safety
-Bus Safety
-Transportation for recreation

Small Groups For This Week:
Lego Construction: In this letter game, a teacher will say a letter sound and/ letter and we will place a lego piece on a game board on the letter stated. Then at the end of the game, we will create something using the legos we gathered during the game to create a form of transportation.
Syllable Trains: We will cut, sort, and glue pictures onto trains based on the number of syllables we hear in each picture.
Truck Beginning Letters: We will sort a variety of pictures based on their beginning letter sounds.  We will place all the /M/ pictures in the letter M trucks, etc.
Lowercase Letter Trains: We will be color dots on a train to demonstrate we can match or label lowercase letters.
Dump to make 5: We will place a game where we will dump 5 objects to make combinations of 5 in a transportation themed activity
Journal: What is an air transportation?  

Handwriting Without Tears Activities
Letter / Handwriting Small Groups (Letters this week are W and X)
Art Table: making train tracks
Block Area: blocks
Sensory Table: dirt and cars (construction zone)
Book Area: books about transportation
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: markers
Dramatic Play: Construction Zone

Puzzles and Manipulatives: What can spin experiment?

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