Thursday, October 3, 2019

Friends Unit Week 3 Oct 7-11

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Unit Books
Oscar is Cold
Read Aloud:We Are Friends
-We will reenact the story of Oscar is Cold with props

Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
How Do Friends Help Each Other?
(listen, arrive, exclaim, share, help, shiver)

Meet our Letterlander of the Week

Eddy Elephant

This week we will be doing the following letter activities in small groups: 
Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase: E and e
Fine motor activity to reinforce letter this week: Salt inside writing trays
We will be reinforcing "alligator fingers" and "always start your letters at the top.
(How to make an E: " Start at the Top, Big Line Down, Frog Jump up, Little Line at the Top, Little Line in the Middle, Little Line a the Bottom")

Small Group Letter Book: Decorating E to look like an elephant

(Each week we will be adding a page to our letter book which will be staying at school until we complete all of our letters.  We are creating our own individual Letterlander books

Small Groups
-Letters in our name class book- We will be creating a class book to show the number of letters we each have in our names. Before assembling the book we will be comparing who has the most, least and equal number of letters.

-Sequencing The Story Oscar is Cold - We will book browse the story Oscar is Cold at our tables. We will discuss elements of the story and sequence the events to retell the story.

-Oscar is Cold Vocabulary and Positional Activity- We will be using an Oscar prop to place him on a variety of objects based on positional terms.  (ie: put Oscar on the blanket) See details on the paper to try this at home.

-Your name/My name- We will be cutting the letters in our names and then creating a chart with a friend to show the letters that are the same and different. 

-Syllables in My Friends Names-In small groups, we will practice clapping the sounds/syllables each of our friends have when we say their name. (ie.Li-sa   Lisa has 2 claps in her name) Then we completed a chart below for the friends in our small groups. Try this at home with family members with your child.   

How Many Friends are in the bus? We will use people counters to practice counting to five using school bus stories. (ie. “Four friends came on the bus.  The bus will stop and one friend came on. Let’s count to see how many friends are on the bus?) After putting the people in different places, we will count them to discover that the quantity stayed the same each time no matter what order we count them.  We then will glue pictures of our friends to fill the school bus “five frame”. We will move pictures of our friends and every time we count 5.

Art Table- Color color painting (blue shades)
Block Area- blocks to build bear caves for hibernation
Sand Table- Artic Animals  
Book Area- Exploring Books about friends
Easel-Markers and paper
Dramatic Play- Camping (Making Smores)/ Role play of story
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Finding Letters in a room hunt using clipboards
Rug- tracks and cars

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