Friday, October 18, 2019

Family Week 1

Unit Books
Quinito, Day and and Night
Noisy Nora
Read Aloud:A Family is a family
*We will also have a special reading of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything to go along with seasonal happenings

 Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
Who is in my family?
(Family, messy, neat, busy, hush, sticky, loud)

Image result for harry hat manMeet our Letterlander of the Week

Harry Hat

This week we will be doing the following letter activities in small groups: 
Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase: H and h
Fine motor activity to reinforce letter this week: Dry Erase Markers and Boards
Handwriting Without Tears: Letter H
We will be reinforcing "alligator fingers" and "always start your letters at the top.
(How to make an H: " Start at the Top, Big Line Down, Frog Jump up to the corner, Big Line Down, Little Line in the Middle")

Small Group Letter Book: Decorating H to look like Harry
(Each week we will be adding a page to our letter book which will be staying at school until we complete all of our letters.  We are creating our own individual Letterlander books

Small Groups
-Sound Eggs- In our unit story, Nora made a variety of different sounds.  We will be listening to different mystery sounds in eggs and trying to match them to objects we think are inside of them.  We will cut and glue our results.
-What's in My Bag- We will be listening to parts of words(onset-rime) We will be listening to 2 parts of word and saying the word together. (ie C- AR). We will have an object in the bag and having them guess what is in the bag by presenting it in onset-rime.
-Block Towers- We will be creating sets of 5 by building towers of 5 and recording the colors we used for each set.  We will be using shaving cream in order to construct our towers as well.  We reinforced 1:1 correspondence and the concept of "total" (in all).
-Subitize How Many?- We will be subitizing (knowing the total of how many without counting) with quantities 1, 2, and 3. We will try to know how many are hiding under a bucket quickly before the teacher covers the total. This is an important skill to learn in both math and reading readiness. We will be using fly swatters to show our answers too for a fun twist.
-Matching Quantities- We will be recognizing sets quickly they sorting quantities onto our charts. Try sorting these cards at home with your child (we call this subitizing)
-Kate will continue to talk to us about our emotions
Art Table- Marble Painting
Block Area- Blocks
Sand Table- marble mazes
Book Area- Exploring Books about family
Writing Table- Playdough with Family mats (We will create our families faces using play dough)
Dramatic Play- Musical instruments
Rug- legos

Science/Social StudiesCircle Concepts
Everyone Has A Home (People and Animals)
Science Exploration Activities (STEM week)

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