Friday, October 25, 2019

Family Week 2 October 28-Nov 1

Reminder: Our Harvest Parade will be on October 31.  
Please have your child wear their costume to school if they wish to dress up. Wearing a costume is not required to participate in the parade.  We will parade in the high school visiting the cafe, central offices, high school guidance, etc.  This is a fun school-wide event. 

Unit Book
Oonga Boonga/Quinto Day and Night
Read Aloud:Keisha Then and Now

 Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
How do family members care for one another?
(lullaby, sob, tear, care, baby, pediatrician)

Meet our Letterlander of the Week

Impy Ink and his Ink Pen

This week we will be doing the following letter activities in small groups: 
Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase: and i
Fine motor activity to reinforce letter this week: Dry Erase Markers and Boards
Handwriting Without Tears: Letter H
We will be reinforcing "alligator fingers" and "always start your letters at the top.
(How to make an I: " Start at the Top in the Center (I is a center starter), Big Line Down, Frog Jump up to the corner, Little Line at the top, Little Line at the bottom")

Small Group Letter Book: Decorating I to look like Impy Ink
(Each week we will be adding a page to our letter book which will be staying at school until we complete all of our letters.  We are creating our own individual Letterlander book
Small Groups
-Family Member Syllables- We will draw members of our family and then recording the number of syllables for each member. Ask your child to show you who has the most "claps" in their name.  Who has the same

- Sequencing our storybook- We will sequence our story of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by writing numbers, rainbow writing words,  and discussing the ordinal position of each element. To extend this activity we will take turns to retell the story to our small groups. 

-5 Little Emotional Pumpkins- We cut and arranged a 5 frame of pumpkins on a fence. Then we discussed each emotion of the pumpkin and retold the song using ordinal terms. " The first little pumpkin said I'm feeling scared".

-Scarecrow Math- We cut and placed 5 black crows on our scarecrow in different positions by listening to verbal directions. We counted each time we changed the position of the crows to reinforce the concept of 5. We can move objects to different spots and we always have 5.

Art Table- Pumpkins Heads (from the Little Old Lady book)
Block Area- House and families 
Sensory Table- washing babies with soap
Book Area- Exploring Books about families
Dramatic Play-Taking care of babies/Pediatrician
Science -Making Sound Harmonicas
Rug- farms (animal farmilies)

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-How do we grow up?
- Math Concept- Stack & Take Down Four Cubes-We will work on understanding that no matter the order we count them, objects in a set remain the same.  We will use a set of blocks to build a house and counted them carefully.  Then, we used the same set of blocks to build a new house.  Each time, we counted the blocks to find the quantity stayed the same no matter what order we counted them in.  

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