Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gingerbread Measuring

Today we introduced the concept of measuring using non-standard units of measure.  We used a "gingerbread ruler" to measure how long objects in our classroom were.  Once we all learned how to use our rulers in small groups we then went to the office to see if Sandy and Deb had anything to measure. We measured Sandy's picture of her sons.  Then Deb asked us to measure her laptop.  It was too big so one the children had an idea to use another ruler next to it to count past 10.  It was a great idea.
Today we also sent home measuring homework for your child to find things at home to measure.  Have fun measuring with your child.  Please send it back to school by December 10 so your child can share their homework with their friends.

We measured staplers, paintbrushes, glue sticks, paper clip, and markers.

 We helped Sandy measure her frame of her sons.
It was 7 gingerbread long.

We also measured the cow's ear. It was 7 gingerbread long.

 We measured Deb's computer.
 It was 14 gingerbread long.  We used our gingerbread ruler of 10, then put another ruler onto the end. That is how we counted to 14.

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