Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bird feeders and Carp flying today

 Today we created a special good bye book for Ashley. She is leaving the Cub Cadet classroom.  We are happy for her because Ashley has a new job in Early Intervention that she is excited about.  We will miss you Ashley!! Good Luck
 Today we also made bird feeders in our small groups today.  We put cheerios on pipe cleaners then put them on a tree outside for the birds and other animals to eat.  This was related to the family in our unit book Night Tree.  The family put food on a tree every year as part of their family tradition.
 After putting on bird feeders on the tree, we thought it was perfect day to fly our carps.  We made carps just like Kimoko did in our unit book.  It was fun to run on the hill and watch our carps blow in the wind.
What a fun day!!!

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