Friday, November 8, 2013

November 13-15 Family Traditions Unit

No School Monday (Veteran's Day)
No School on Tuesday November 12 (Teacher Professional Development Day)
Books This Week:
Bunny Cakes
Full, Full, Full of Love

Concept Questions For This Week:
-Cultural Food Traditions
-Celebrating Birthdays (similarities and differences between us)

Continuing to practice before we use our new big line and little line books
1. using a defined space to write letters
2. using chalk boards to write big lines then wiping with sponges
3. using dry erase boards to write big lines and little lines

Small Groups This Week:
1. Bunny Cakes Puzzle- We will be cutting the cover of our unit book then trying to reassemble the cover.
2.Beginning Letter Feast Book- We will listen to the sounds in the beginning sound in each picture. Then we will watch a model of how to form each letter with HWT boards. Then we will write the initial sound for each picture.
3. Setting a table- We will discuss how the family in the unit book "set the table" for a feast.  Then we will cut and glue pictures, a cup, and a napkin to show how to set a proper table.

Art Table:Making Arm Trees for our "family trees"
Block Area:blocks pumpkins to make rows
Sensory Table:Washing Dishes(like in the story Full, Full of Love)
Book Area: books about families
Easel: pumpkins and orange and green paints
Writing Table: family words to copy
Dramatic Play: tools
Puzzles and Manipulatives: Visual Discrimination Puzzles
Science Table: Tally sheets for activity of gerbils

Preschool Life Skills
Every week we will be reinforcing previous skills and introducing new skills. Some weeks we will spend more time with a previous skill before moving to a new skill.
New Life Skill: 
"When something is too hard, find a teacher and say 'Help Me Please'.
Previous Life Skills:
"When I give you an instructions, do them right away." (2-3 step directions)
"When a teacher calls your name, you stop, look at the speaker, and say "yes".
 "When I give you an instruction, do it right away."

Social Thinking:
We have begun reading books about our thoughts and feelings to go along with our new curriculum. We have been talking about how our heart is our "feelings keeper" and our brain is our "thought maker".

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