Friday, March 9, 2012

A firefighter vists the cub cadets!!

 Fireman Fricke (aka Matthew's Dad) came into our classroom to tell us all about the tools a fireman uses.  He brought in his boots, pants, coat, mask, oxygen tank, helmet, ax and a sling.  The children loved every moment.  It was so interesting to see all of the tools a fireman uses.  He told us what to do in an emergency and how to have a safe meeting spot outside of your if there is an emergency.  He put on all of his equipment and explained not be afraid and hide if there is a fire.  He even let us put the oxygen tank on our backs so we could feel how heavy it is.  Thank you so much Fireman Fricke!! We cannot thank you enough for coming into our school and all that you do as a community helper!!                          
Fireman Fricke showed us a demonstration of how he uses a sling to help people out of a building.


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