Friday, November 5, 2010

Unit 2 Novemeber 8 -12

Unit 2, children will be talking about friendship, how to be a good friend, and ways to resolve conflicts with friends. Through the Story Time books, children hear about the importance of being who you are, helping friends, enjoying special times together, and getting along. In addition to listening to stories, children will learn to idenify rhyming works and beginning letters and sounds in words, as they build vocabulary and comprehension skills. They will also participate in a variety of music, poetry, math, science, and art activities.

Theme Concepts:
-A friend is someone we like and want to spend time with. Friends like to do things together. They enjoy each other's company.
-We can have more than one good friend, and we might like to do some things with one friend and other things with other friends.
-Friends usually share with and help one another.
-Friends may have arguments and get mad at one another. Usually, friends work out their problems and continue to be friends.
-We can make new friends and also keep old friends.

Books this week
Road Builders
The Door Bell Rang
Hooray for Pinata

Small Groups
-Math- Making 3D Pinatas- We will be creating and decorating pinata. We will be working together to create and decorate our pinatas. We will be focusing on cooperating with our peers to make decisions and relating our discussions to our class book.
-Language and Print Awareness- We will be making party invitations for our pinata party. We will be inviting our stuffed animals to come to school to our pinata party. I will send how a note with more details of our upcoming pinata party. We will alsobe working on following two step directions to create folded envelopes along with addressing envelopes to invite our stuffed animal friends.
-I Touches- We will be exploring letter apps in small groups.
-Science- Making Lemonade-We will be exploring and observing lemons and using our fine motor muscles to squeeze lemons.  This is connected to the characters in Matthew and Tilly
-Language and Literacy- Matching pictures from our unit 2 story books with words.  We will be using our phonemic awarness skills to try to determine what words go with which pictures.  Long words, short words, beginning sounds and ending sounds. 
-Alphabet Matching Names- We will cut and glue the letters of our name in order

***Please note that some small group activities will continue next week.

Blocks-construction vehicles and blocks to scoop up
Sensory Table-Dandelions Barber Shop-cutting yellow yarn and materials
Dramatic Play- Grocery Store is open (this is a favorite activity)We will be assisting the children making grocery lists to go and shop at the grocery store to find the same items on the shelves.
Library- A variety of books about friends and construction
Easel- crayon resistance with watercolors-We will write our names and observe how watercolors react with the crayon
Art-making pinatas- this should be fun and messy
Puzzles- fruit puzzles
Writing Center- Writing grocery lists using word cards and ads from the supermarkets

Song, Word Play and Letters
Poems-Mix a pancake
Songs- Come On and Join In To The Game, Down by the Bay, Head, The More We Get Together
Literacy Skills- T-I-L-L-Y(We will be singing this song inspired by bingo then changing the beginning letter to make new words such as silly, Billy, Milly.

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