Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 22-24

Books this week
The Enormous Carrot
Small Groups
-Art- We will be creating a special turkey handprints for our families
-Language- We will be creating a postional book called "Where is the turkey?"
-Math- We will be playing a 1:1 turkey correspondence game.  We will roll a number cube, count the dots, then find the correct number on our turkeys.

Blocks-Farms and animals from the farm
Sensory Table-corn kernels
Dramatic Play- Baking Pies for Thanksgiving using crust colored playdough and pie pans.
Library- A variety of books about friends and construction
Easel- Turkey pictures to paint
Art-Collage materials to make tissue paper carrots and corn on the corn with kernels
Puzzles- puzzles
Writing Center- name cards

Song, Word Play and Letters
Poems-Mix a pancake
Songs- Come On and Join In To The Game, Hello Mr. Turkey, Bananas Song
Literacy Skills- Beginning word sounds game

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