Friday, March 5, 2010

World of Color Week 3

Theme – This week we will continue our Unit 4 of the Owl, World of Color. During this unit students will interact with colors explore topics such as color mixing, stains, fading, camouflage, and color patterns. Students will learn that color can be found in nature, that color can carry information, that paints and dyes are used to color things, colors can be mixed to make new colors and that sun and washing can make colors fade.

Yellow is the color of the week.
Please have your child wear yellow on Thursday.

Dog’s Colorful Day- Emma Dodd
The Lion and the Little Red Bird-Elisa Kleven
Mouse Paint Ellen Walsh

Small Groups
-Science –Color Mixing-Students will be observing and exploring colors and how they blend and mix to create new colors. We will be mixing foam paint to try to create new colors and observe our results.
-Math- How Many Different Ice Cream Cones? Students will create different combinations of ice cream cones in small groups using three different flavors.
-Writing- We will use Dog’s Colorful Day as an inspiration to our own personal books. Each child will create their own retelling of this class book.

Choice: -
-Easel – Dog’s Colorful Day painting with bingo dobbers
-Sensory table -colored water with funnels and bottles to fill
-Dramatic Play – Cub Cadet Ice Cream Shop.
-Art Table- finger painting and mixing colors (encouraging using words to describe new colors, ex, green grass, yellow lemonade)
-Language- creating yellow collage headbands and writing the word yellow on them
-Library-Books about colors
-Blocks –Colored building blocks
1) Clap Your Hands
2) Bingo
3) Five Green and Speckled Frogs
4) Green grass
5) Down By the Bay
6) Bananas
7) Five Little Monkeys

Poems: Hands on Shoulders, Stand Up, Pease Porridge Hot

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