Thursday, November 7, 2019

Family Week 4 November 14-15

Reminder No School November 11-13
Image result for birthday party clipartParent Conferences on November 13
Book Orders Due November 14

Unit Book
Antonio's Birthday Fiesta
Hooray A Pinata
Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
What do families do together for fun?
(guest, celebrate, decorate, musician, instrument)

Small Groups and LetterLander Review
Letterlander review- We will review the letters and sounds that we have learned so far this school year.  We will label a set of pictures and figure out the letter that makes that sound.  Ask your child at home to say the picture and the sound that begins each picture.  (For example: Turtle says /t/ like Talking Tess)

Guess My Rule- We will play a sorting game use a mat. We will give your child a category and have your child sort the provided pictures into the circle that fit the category. Play this game at home: Use any small objects that can be sorted into a group (think pasta of different shapes and sizes, different types of coins, buttons, etc.) Sort the objects by one, single rule (that you do not reveal.) As you sort one by one, have your child try guess your rule!  Some rule ideas may be: It has to be small or it has to be a specific color or shape. Get creative! Challenge your child to create and sort by a rule while you guess their rule. This may take some additional modeling and practice. After all items are sorted, discuss the similarities among the items in the circle and why the other objects did not fit the rule.

-Cupcake Math- We will practice matching written numerals to quantities.  After rolling a number dice, we will add sprinkles to our cupcake using our dot markers. When we finish we will discuss how many of each color we added and counted how many sprinkles we had altogether.

Art Table- Painting Pinatas/Birthday Cakes
Block Area- blocks
Sensory Table- Confetti with Letters
Book Area- Exploring Books about families
Easel-Markers and paper
Writing Table- Draw a picture of your family and things you like to do with them
Dramatic Play-Birthday Party
Rug- Legos

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-Going Away on vacations with your family
-Celebrations of other cultures

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