Friday, May 3, 2019

Shadows and Reflections Week 4 (May 6-10)

Shadows and Reflections Unit Week 4
Unit Book:  The Puddle Pail
Weekly Question and Vocabulary Words:
Why can’t we hold on to shadows or reflections?
(collection, illustration, ordinary, puddle, proud, disappear)

Literacy Small Groups
Diving Letter Lowercase Letters- We will practice these letters using Magna doodles, chalkboards, salt trays, etc.  We will rainbow write and pencil practice the letters as well. Letters this week will be m and n.

Rhyming Collections- In our story this week, Ernst collected puddles in his pail to discover beautiful collections of shadows and reflections that could be held inside.  We will review our rhyming skills to make collections of rhyming words.  We will use our own special rhyming pail to collect picture cards that rhyme with our picture card.  We will illustrate our collections.  Ask your child to name his/her rhyming collection.

Sharing Pails- We will make another class book while practicing sharing quantities fairly.  Using cubes, we will share a set amount among three pails.  We will need to put any leftovers to the side to be sure each pail has an equal amount.  We will record our work using stickers to create our class book.

Shapes to make Shapes- We will use pattern blocks to make hexagons. Using triangles, trapezoids and rhombuses, we will work to fill the shape of a hexagon.  We will count the number of each shape we used and record our answers in our books.

Tangram Shape Activity- We will use special shapes called tangrams to make objects based on their shadows.  We will manipulate a set number of shapes to fill in the shadow of a boat, house, dog, swan, cat and candle while learning that shapes can be combined and manipulated to make other shapes.  Once we’ve completed the puzzle using real shapes, we will glue paper shapes onto our shadows to take them home.

Guess My Collection- We will sort shapes by various attributes (sides, corners, color, size, shape.)  Using pails, we will make our collection based on one or two rules.  (For example: shapes in my collection have 4 sides.)  We will sort our shapes according to our rule and challenge our friends tp guess the rule of our collection.

Number Formations
Using the Handwriting Without Tears program as a guide, we will continue to practice forming numbers 1-10.  This week, we will be reviewing all our numbers using wooden sticks, chalkboards or magna doodles and in our letter formation books.

Journal Writing- In our journals we will be "writing" and drawing pictures based upon our unit books. "What type of collections do you collect?"


Art Table- painting pail reflections 

Sensory Table-mirrors with light table
Book Area- Exploring Books about shadows and reflections
Writing Table-Writing the room using vocabulary words
Dramatic Play- Tace Shop
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- concave mirrors to look at how mirrors can change images
Rug- Bucket Sorting
Block Area- blocks with mirrors (building by looking at reflection in mirror)

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-How can reflection change
-Collections (making a rule)
-Shapes inside of shapes

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Our Good Morning Chant
-Someone sitting by the pool reflection song
-Alphabet Chant using sign language
-Letter Sounds
-Cool Pool Song with visual

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