Thursday, May 16, 2019

Make It Move Week 2 (May 20-24)

Make It Move  Unit 8 Week 2
Unit Book:  A Little Bit More

Weekly Question and Vocabulary Words:
What can we do to make things move?
(push, pull, roll, weigh, heavy, light)

Small Groups

Lowercase Letter Formation
We will working on lowercase letter formation of e and i . We will practice these letters using magna doodles, chalkboards, salt trays, etc.  We will rainbow write and pencil practice the letters as well.

Parking Lot Game
We will continue to work on listening for the first sound in words in this fun car game. Each child will have a set of "parking spots" that have pictures on them. They are going to "park" the cars on the spots that share the same beginning sound. (eg;the C car will park on the cat)

Simple Machine Construction
We have been learning about simple machines in school such a a ramp, lever, and wheels.  We learned that these simple machines help us to move objects and do work.  In small groups we used these materials to create our own machine and tested to see if it helped us move objects and do work. Then we recorded how our machines looked on our papers using paper shapes and crayons to add details.  

Comparing Weight
Using a balance scale we weighed classroom objects and compared.  We used language such a heavier and lighter as we placed objects on the scale.  Then we illustrated our results.

Dump It Out
Using a dump truck filled with double sided color chips we took turns dumping the chips to see how many different ways we can count to 5. (eg: 2 red and 3 yellow are 5 chips)

Measuring Length of (Frogs on a log)
We will be using unifix cubes to measure logs that a frog is sitting on. We will reinforce where to start measuring when counting how many long the logs are (Left to right)

Art Table- car track painting

Sensory Table- Construction Site
Book Area- Exploring Books about movement
Dramatic Play- bowling alley
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Weighing Station
Rug- Doll houses
Block Area- blocks to measure with

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-Push and Pull
-Starting Line (where we start when measuring)
-Taller and Shorter
-Working Together

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Our Good Morning Chant
-Vowel Bat
-Big Pig 
-Letter Sounds

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