Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Unit January 22-26

Books This Week:
Tracks in the Snow
Katy and the Big Snow

The Mitten

Let's Talk About It
-Stuffing a mitten (We will add blocks to a mitten and try to predict how many blocks it will hold.  This will be related to our unit book The Mitten)
-Absorb and Repel Concepts
-Animals that migrate and hibernate
We will continue a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It focuses is on letter formation and letter awareness. This program reinforces proper grasp and trying to strengthen fine motor muscles.
-We will be working on letters R and K

Small groups
-More and less books with Katy and the Big Snow
-Beginning sounds- We will trace and then listen to the beginning sound we hear in words on a snowman. We will give each snowman the correct hat based on the sound we hear in each word.
-Snowman "Adding"- We will roll a number cube and use 1;1 correspondence to count the correct number of snowballs(cotton balls). Then we will add "one more' and say how many. We will record our answers on our papers.
-Sorting migration and hibernation animals
-Sorting animals in the mitten and not in the mitten
-Map of our school- In our unit book, a map showed us where Katy the snow plow went to help the community in a blizzard. We will use a map of our preschool and find each location in a large group special activity. We will record on our maps everytime we find a new location.

Art Table: Shaving Cream and driving cars like a snow storm
Block Area: Using "snowplows" in a snow storm
Sensory Table: ping pong balls with letters that spell snowball. We will try to find all the letters.
Book Area: books about weather
Easel: Snow pictures (white paint on blue paper)
Writing Table: Read the room and find the hidden letters
Dramatic Play: LL Bean shop
Puzzles and Manipulatives: matching different mittens

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