Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 2 of school- September 14-18

Book This Week:
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom
Little Miss Spider Goes to School
Thinking Thoughts, and Feeling Feelings(Incredible Flexible You)

Small Groups:
Literacy Small Groups
-Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letter sorting- Students will sort letters in 2 ways (uppercase/lowercase)
-Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Coconut Bowling-We will roll a "coconut" to knock over bowling pins.  Attached to the pins are letters. We will then record on a paper which letters they knocked down.
-Chicka Letter Bingo- Using counters we will find uppercase letters (with/without a model)
-Self Portraits and Writing Names for portfolios

Math Small Groups
-Counting the Letters in My Name- We will cut our names then use 1:1 correspondence to count the letters in our name.  We will create a class book to send home shortly.
-Coconut roll and color the number activity
-Size order- We will be cutting varied sizes of raccoons and place them in size order from left to right.

Handwriting/Fine Motor Skill Development Activities
Playdough Treasure Hunt: Hearts will be hiding in playdough.  Children will pinch them out and place them on a counting sheet of 5.
Continued Activities:
-Playdough Pinching and Rolling
-Squeezing sponges (to develop pincer grasp) to transfer water into a cup
-Pom-Pom pickup (We will roll a number cube then use our alligator fingers to pick up the correct number of pom-poms)

Art Table- Open ended painting
Block Area- blocks
Sand Table- Dinosaur Dig (Plastic bones and paint brushes with sand)
Book Area- Exploring Books about school
Easel-Markers and paper
Writing Table- crayons and paper
Dramatic Play- Fall Flower Shop
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Letter Puzzles
Science - Looking in mirrors (to connect with drawing our faces during small groups)
Rug- Farms

Science/Social Studies Circle
- We will be focusing on our curriculum of Preschool Life Skills during this time to help us transition into our new classroom.
1. When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me, and say ,"Yes".
-Discussing how we sit and listen in a group (our community classroom)

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Action Bingo Song:
There was a class that had a boy/girl, and _____was his/her name-o
(Each child chooses an action for others to follow)
Jump, Jump, (name), Jump, Jump, (name), Jump, Jump, (name) ,
We're glad you're in school today.
-If your happy and you know it.
-Our Good Morning Chant
-ABC Rock by Steve and Greg
-Number Rock by Steve and Greg
-Shake Break Song (following directions)

Classroom Motivational System
We will be learning classroom routines and expectations within our new classroom.  In order to create a successful and rewarding environment, each child will have a motivational system. Our classroom system promotes positive classroom behavior through positive peer modeling and teachers providing positive reinforcement for desired behaviors.  This system can be explained more thoroughly in a tab on this blog.  

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