Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last Two Weeks of Color Unit -(March 9-13 and March 16-20)

World of Color Unit
 During this unit students will interact with colors explore topics such as color mixing, stains, fading, camouflage, and color patterns. Students will learn that color can be found in nature, that color can carry information, that paints and dyes are used to color things, colors can be mixed to make new colors and that sun and washing can make colors fade.

Books This Week
Dear Juno
The Lion and the Little Red Bird
Little Blue and Little Yellow
Mouse Paint
Small Groups
March 9-13
-Motor Monday- Straight Lines(HWT) Color Art Activity
-Writing Color Words- We will be writing color words to reinforce letter formation and then matching materials onto the papers
-Color Butterfly Collages- Using (alligator fingers) we will used tissue paper to form butterflies.  We will observe how the colors blend and mix as we paint to form new colors.
-Animal Sorting- We will talk about and look in books to see how animals have different patterns. We will note how animal patterns will be similar to their environments (camouflage).  Then we will sort animals  by their patterns.
-Color Rhyme Books- To reinforce color and rhyme, we will be continue our books(brown crown, green bean)
March 16-20
- Motor Monday-Compound Word Activity- As we are talking about colors mixing, we have also been talking about how words can mix and create a new word(cup/ cake, put them together and get cupcake) We will be completing a phonemic and fine motor activity with this concept.
-Cool and Warm Color Art activity-Inspired by the art of Eric Carle (we will look at his books)
      - Day 1 will be painting paper with just the cool colors then a paper with the warm colors.
       -Day 2 will be cutting and assembling our art work.
-Science Center Visit- We will go to the science center and look for animals patterns and how they camouflage in their homes.  We will come back to our classroom and draw a picture of what we saw and use "ear spelling" to write.
-Color Rhyme Books- To reinforce color and rhyme, we will be finishing our books (pink drink, red bed, white kite)

Independent Multi-Step Table: HWT books (Magic C letters),
Sensory Table- Snow and spraying colors in the snow,
Dramatic Play-Airplane (Dear Juno related), Art Store (Children will "buy" supplies and go to art table to create art)
Library- A variety of books about color
Art Table- Shaving Cream Colors, Art store creations
Easel- Primary colors
Puzzles- Puzzles
Manipulatives-  Legos, Large Geometric Shapes to create patterns
Writing Center- Teacher led activity, letter assessments

Song, Word Play and Letters
Poems- Boom, Bang, Raindrops
Songs-Green Grass Grows All Around, Diagonal Lines
Literacy Skills- Rhyming Word Guessing Game, Compound Boogie
Let's Talk About It
-Super Flex
-Patterns of Animals book read aloud
-Color Meanings(red in stop sign, yellow cones for traffic, yellow in school signs)
-Can animals change color(arctic hare, chameleon)
-Colors in air mail envelopes, flags from different countries

Preschool Life Skills
We are continuing to review our previous skills 1-7.
1-When a teacher calls your name, stop, look and say, "Yes".
2-When a teacher tells you to do something, do it "Right Away".
3-When a teacher tells you to do 2 things, do it "Right Away".
4-When something is too hard, first try then say,"Can you help me please?"
5-When you something from a teacher or a friend and they are doing something, say, "Excuse me" to get them to look at you.
(6and 7 are join together)
7-When someone is in your way or has something that you want, say "Excuse me" to get their attention, and then say"May I_____?" to get what you want.
Continuing to work on:
8-When an adult tells you to wait say, "Okay", and your waiting words.  (Waiting Words= "When I wait quietly, I get what I want")

We also have been working on:
-SuperFlex- We have been talking about how we can be more flexible(not getting stuck on situations that make us sad/mad/frustrated).  When children are observed being flexible we offer them the chance to wear the superflex cape.

"Checking our Body" - This is to remind us how to sit during large group activities. We will talk about how to "check" our bodies to get ready to listen.  This is a important skill as we transition into kindergarten. Ask your child to show you what this means.

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