Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy leprechaun day!

Today was the day for our leprechaun hunt. Sean the leprechaun wrote us a note to give us clues. 
Our hunt started in the BECC office.  No Sean!
Next Louise D'Amato's office. No Sean!
Then we went to Dr. Conti's office. Still no Sean! 
We went back toward the preschool.  We did not catch him but he left a note to say we were good lads and lassies. Sean also left a gift for each of us in traps in our classroom. A pot of gold for each of us. 

Thank you Pat for sharing your leprechaun with us every year. 
Also a thank you to Tarsha(Joseph's mom) for sending in traps for everyone and Tonia(Liam's mom) for sending in shamrock pins. It was a fun day!

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