Friday, March 28, 2014

Transportation March 31-April 4

Books This Week:
Subway Sparrow
Mr. George Baker
How Will I Get to the Beach?

Discussion Topics/Questions This Week:
-Underwater Transportation (Super Submarine book)
-Sorting different kinds of transportation-Public and other city transportation
-Space Travel (I want to be an astronaut book)

Small Groups For This Week:
1.Parking Lot Letter Car Game- In groups, students will be matching uppercase or lowercase letters to the picture with the matching beginning letter sound.
2. Turn taking game- We will use a Thomas the train board game to encourage turn taking, language, and math skills.
3. Sink and Float Science Experiment- We will use different materials to predict what will float or sink. Then after we conduct our experiment we will record our results.
Journaling Activity- We will be creating a book to discuss the kind of transportation we would use.  Each day a different mode will be written. (Air, Land, Water)This will continue into next week

Rug Activity- ramps and cars
Science-things that spin and do not spin
Art Table: making paper airplanes and hoop gliders
Blocks: building roads
Sensory Table: Sink and Float Exploration
Book Area: books about transportation
Writing Table: making driver's licenses
Dramatic Play: Submarine Play with periscopes
Puzzles and Manipulatives: pattern blocks with  transportation

Songs, Word Play, and Language
-Bingo (with FRITZ)
-She'll be coming around the mountain
-How do you from A to B?

Handwriting and Letter Play Small groups
-We will continuing a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It's focus is on letter formation and letter awareness. This program reinforces proper grasp and trying to strengthen fine motor muscles.
-Sounds we hear in letters activity
-We are working on letters with diagonal lines such as K, M, W, V, X, and A.
-Alphabet Arc Activities
-Talking like robots (encouraging turtle talk to say each phoneme in a word)

Preschool Manners
-When an adult tells you to wait, say, 'Okay', and your waiting words.
- Our waiting words are "When you wait quietly, I get what I want".
- This life skill is promoting appropriating ways in waiting for attention or objects.

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