Friday, February 28, 2014

Community Unit -March3-7

Reminder--Picture Day is March 5
Books This Week:
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Doctor DeSoto
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Small Groups For This Week:
1. Circle Attributes- We will discuss what a circle is. (ie. not corners, round,) We will objects then take about how they are circles. Then we will take clipboards and go on a circle hunt in the preschool.
2. Math- Counting teeth book. We will count the number of teeth in each smile, then write the number on each toothbrush.
3.Language- Using socks (inspired by Corduroy) we will match uppercase letter socks to the pair that has the sock with a picture of the sound for that letter.
Letter knowledge- We will match uppercase letters to their lowercase letters. Each mailbox will have an uppercase letter. Then they will cut and glue the correct lowercase letter envelope to go next to the correct mailbox.

Let's Talk About It
Care for older people (elderly)
Tooth Anatomy
Pulley and simple machine exploration (from the science center)

Art Table: circle art 
Block Area: Blocks and community people
Sensory Table: Shooting water on the fire (paper firesthat has numbers on them)
Book Area: books about community
Easel: open ended painting
Writing Table: markers
Dramatic Play: Eye Doctor
Puzzles and Manipulatives: simple machines(ramps, pulleys)

We will continuing a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It's focus is on letter formation and letter awareness. This program reinforces proper grasp and trying to strenghten fine motor muscles.
-We are working on letters with diagonal lines such as K, M, W, V, X, and A.

Songs, Word Play, and Language
-Hello Neighbor Song
-Firetruck Truck
-Diagonal Line Song (HWT)

Preschool Manners
We are continuing on this skill.
-When someone is in your way or has something you want, say, "Excuse me" to get them to look at you, then you say"May I____________?" to get what you want.

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