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April 29-- May 3 Things That Grow

Unit: Things That Grow
Children will explore how living things grow, using observations, experiments, and books.  Through story time readings, children will hear about ducks who find a special home, a new baby on a farm, a boy who grows from baby to school age, and a girl who discovers the joys of growing vegetables.  Children continue to learn about leters, sounds, and rhyming words, and participate in many other math, science, music, poetry, and art activities.
Theme Concepts:
-Living things grow and have life cycles.
-Living things reproduce, and the offspring are the same kind of plant or animal as their parents.
-Living things need food, water, and proper living conditions to survive.
-Immature living things need special care.
-Living things interact, and among animals ther are predators and prey.
Book This Week:
Where Does Garbage Go?
Ugly Vegetables
Farfellina and Marcel

Small Groups:

- Weighing fruits and vegetables.  We will compare 2 foods using a balance scale to discover which food weighs more and less.
- Measuring vegetables- We will be using cubes to measure how long a carrot is and how long an earn of corn is.  We will use words such as more than and less than to compare. 
- Measuring the room- We will each use a measuring strip to find items in the school that are less than or more than the measuring strip.  This is reinforcing the concept of non-standard units of measure. 
-We will be creating vegetable soup.  We will be asking for donations of vegetables for our soup.  We will then wash, cut, and cook the vegetables just like in our unit book.  We will then create a graph to show if we liked the soup or not. 

-Dramatic Play- Making vegetable soup
-Sensory Table- Soil with seeds and sticks.  Children can create rows in the soil with sticks and pretend to plant seeds in rows
-Art Table- Printing Veggies on paper with paint
-Science- Seeds soaked in water with magnifying glasses

-Writing Table- Drawing seed packets.
-Math- manipulatives
-Library- Books about growing

Songs, Word Play, and Letters
-Green Grass Grows All Around
-Letter Garden- Each child will be given a fruit or vegetable.  A "seed letter" will be planted and they will be asked if they have a fruit or vegetable that has the beginning sound of that letter. 

We will be continuing our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum to combine our concepts.  (ie. diagaonal lines, magic C, and diagonal lines to create letters with all strokes such as R)

Preschool Life Skills
We are continuing to review our previous skills 1-7.
1-When a teacher calls your name, stop, look and say, "Yes".
2-When a teacher tells you to do something, do it "Right Away".
3-When a teacher tells you to do 2 things, do it "Right Away".
4-When something is too hard, first try then say,"Can you help me please?"
5-When you something from a teacher or a friend and they are doing something, say, "Excuse me" to get them to look at you.
(6and 7 are join together)
7-When someone is in your way or has something that you want, say "Excuse me" to get their attention, and then say"May I_____?" to get what you want.
8-When an adult tells you to wait say, "Okay", and your waiting words. (Waiting Words= "When I wait quietly, I get what I want")
 9- When a friend tells you to wait say, "Okay", and your waiting words. (Waiting Words= "When I wait quietly, I get what I want")
New Skill:
10- When someone gives you something, look at them and say, "Thank you."

We also have been learning:
"Checking our Body" - This is to remind us how to sit during large group activities. We will talk about how to "check" our bodies to get ready to listen. This is a important skill as we transition into kindergarten.

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