Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Science Center Show -Reptile and Light Show

Today Ms. Wendy and Mr. Sean from the Burlington Science Center came to our preschool to present a reptile and light show.  We learned new facts about reptiles such as they have backbones and they are cold blooded.  Wendy had an alligator, a snake, and two turtles to show us.  We even had a turn to touch the snake if we wanted to. She also showed us a turtle shell that had a backbone inside of its shell.

 We loved touching the snake to feel its scales. Many of the animals we saw in the show were in our unit books (Raccoon on His Own and Play With Me)

 The alligator was making sounds during the show.

 We loved watching the turtles have a little snack during the show.

Learning about light with Mr. Sean!
 Then Mr. Sean taught us about light.  We learned how the sun gives us light and makes our planet warm.  He had a white ball that lit up.  When he turned out the lights and spun it in a circle, it made new colors.  Then he showed us different kinds of mirrors.  This reinforced our unit of reflections.
Finally, he showed us a laser light. He explained to us that light travels in a  straight line.  When he put the lights out, Ms. Wendy sprayed "smoke" on the light and proved how light travels in a straight line.

It was an amazing show.  We are very lucky to have such an amazing resource in Burlington.
We love the Burlington Science Center!!
Thank you so much Wendy and Sean!!

Learning about reflections and the path of light.

When we came back from the show, we recalled the new facts we learned. They were really listening!!
Steven D.- Snakes have dry skin.
Stephen H. - Turtles have a backbone on its' shell.
Stephen B.- The laser light goes in a straight line.
John- The alligator has very sharp teeth for biting.
Paige- The snake has a long tongue to taste the air.
Michael- The turtle has bones inside its' shell.
Trevor- When you put your hand in front of a laser, it will block the light.
Jack- The alligator had a backbone.
Gabby- Alligators are born from eggs.
Sarah- A laser goes in a straight line.
Sophia- Reptiles temperatures goes up and down.
Nao- The snake had a long tail.
Kayden- The snake had a backbone.
Logan- The snake slithers to get around.
Boris- When you see your reflection in a bendy mirror it looks blurry.

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