Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lunch in H.S. Cafe Today

Today we had a very special reward.  Our class ate lunch in the high school cafeteria.  We have been working hard toward this special class reward as part of our Tier 1 Behavior Program.  Every child earned a "high five" for 10 days in a row and each day we put a pom pom in our class reward bucket.  It was very exciting to go to the cafe with our lunch boxes and find our "reserved" table. Mrs. Deacon and the custodians put a reserved sign on two tables for us.  We spoke with teachers from the high school, the principal, and high school students. We even had our preschool staff come down to visit us (Deb, Katie, and Liz B.)  It was a reward worth working towards. What a fun lunch!!

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