Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Technology into the Preschool

 Our class has been using our Touch It boards for several weeks now. The students love using this technology for many classroom activities. We have used this technology in many phonemic awareness activities, such finding the rhyming pictures or beginning letter sound identification. We have also used a program to create a calendar for our classroom. It has also allowed us to view video clips that relate to our curriculum. In addtion,  during our transportation unit we learned about ramps. We visited a site that had the children move straight lines to form diagonal ramps to ultimately help feed a hungry cat a meatball.
We also used the touch it boards to incorporate our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum.  Each child had a turn in a small group to write their name in a defined area. (Everyone remembered to start their letter at the top!)  Then we discussed what kind of lines did each child use in their name. (i.e. big line, little line, big curve, little curve, diagonal line....). 
Using this technology is motivating and a fun way to incorporate our curriculum goals.

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