Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mission Accomplished!!

Today the Cub Cadets took a survey. The children walked around the classroom during choice time and asked their friends if they like snow.  They had to find their friends name on a yes or no chart. Then they had to put an X next to yes or no depending on their answer. All of the Cub Cadets answered yes. They all said they like the snow. Everyone but Pat. She answered she did not like the snow. 
So we as a class decided we had a mission. How can we change Pat's mind about the snow?

We made a chart of all of the things we like to do in the snow. We told Pat we like to: make snow angels, go shoe shoeing, go skiing, go fast down hills, make igloos, help our families shovel, have snowball fights, make snowmen, even play winter wipe out with our brothers. 
Pat thought about it more. She changed her vote. She does like the snow. She had forgotten all the fun there is to have in the snow. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! WE DID IT!

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