Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 5-8

Please remember:No School on Friday Books This Week:
Night Tree
A Carp for Kimiko

Concept For This Week:
1.Paper Carps- We will use fine motor skills to create paper fish (carps) just like Kimoko wanted in our unit book
2. Carp/Doll Patterning- We will extend or create patterns using dolls and carps around our cover of our book.
3. Pine Cones to put outside to feed the birds. Using crisco and bird seed we will create a tasty treat for birds outside our classroom.
1. Night Tree Math book-We will identify numbers then write them. Then cut and glue the right number of animals to the trees.
2.Trip to the Burlington Science Center- We will go and observe animals. We will be reinforcing concepts such as noctural animals(like in our story) and food that animals eat.
3.Decorating our own night tree.-Using the pipecleaner birdfeeders and cut up apples, we will decorate a pine tree outside of our school. We will then sit on a blanket and enjoy some hot cocoa and sing songs. (This is what the family did in the story Night Tree)

Art Table:playdough birthday cakes
Block Area:blocks
Sensory Table: Alphabet Soup(using soup spoons we will scoop letters out out of the water and put them in a soup bowl)
Book Area: books about families
Easel:night tree bingo dobbers
Writing Table: HWT strips for writing
Dramatic Play: grocery store
Puzzles and Manipulatives: Ipads
Science: tree branches without leaves and pine branches with needles

We will be starting a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It's focus is on letter formation and letter awareness. We will be working on a color and shape book for the next weeks.  We will be reinforcing proper grasp and trying to strenghten fine motor muscles. 

Preschool Manners
We are moving onto our new skill.
-When something is too hard, ask a teacher for help.
"Please help me______________________."

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