Friday, October 7, 2011

Pictures from this week

We planted a garden today.
 We dug in the earth(our vocabulary word). We then planted daffodils and crocus bulbs. We talked about waiting for spring to see the flowers. So to get some instant color, we planted a mum. It was a fun day.
We created a mural for our farm unit. Along with having some gerbils visit our classroom from the science center. We are going talk about how snowball and snowflake get ready for the winter like animals outside do.

We also discussed in our unit how animals help make gardens grow. We read a book about an earthworms life. Then we looked at bait worms from a fish shop. They look and feel like worms.

We also had dirt in our sensory table this week. We used popscicle sticks to make rows in the dirt. Then we "planted" pumpkin seeds. We then used seed packets to label the rows of pumpkins.  

Last week we surprised Pat for her birthday. We made her a card and had popscicles. Happy Birthday Pat.

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