Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our "Field Trip" to the Science Center

Our field trip today to Parlee Farms was cancelled due to rain. However, with the help of one of our favorite parents (who happens to drive a bus in the town) and some of our parent volunteers, we went on a field trip to the Burlington Science Center. We boarded a school bus in front of our school and rode the bus around the high school to go to the Science Center. It was a great experience to ride the bus. Then we went to into the Science Center to go on an animal scavenger hunt.  

 We wanted to say a special thank to Michelle for making our trip even more special!!! Also thank you to Karen, Monica, and Becky for coming on our trip.


 With clipboards in hand, we searched for animals in the center. We saw an alligator and a snapping turtle swimming in their tanks. We also saw snakes, guinea pigs, salamanders, beetles, birds, and even hissing cockroaches.We were able to find most of the animals on our scavenger hunt. We were not able to see the chickens and the rabbit. Hopefully, we will see them on our next visit.
 The children were even excited to see a tiger, a fisher cat, and a leopard(even though they were stuffed). It was an amazing field trip and it was only a short bus ride away.

The Cub Cadet Classroom had the best field trip today. Thank you Burlington Science Center for always providing such a wonderful experience for your friends at The Burlington Early Childhood Center.

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