Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31-June 3 Farm Unit

We will be completing a unit on the farm. We will be discussing the animals we saw on the farm. 

Books this week:
The Cow that went oink
Inside a barn in the country
Farmer Duck

Small Groups this week:
-Creating a chart to show our favorite animals on the farm.  We will reinforce concepts such as the most, least, and the same.
-Counting Syllables- We will be sorting animals on the farm by the number of syllables. Example, cow=1, chicken=2.  We will create a chart to follow up with this concept.
-What does not belong? We will look at a collection of pictures and color the pictures that go together.
-Positional Farm Activity- We will need to follow directions in a sequence with a farm picture. For example, first color the barn red, then color the mud brown.  After we finish coloring our farm picture, we will cut and glue animals in the prompted position. For example, put the pig in the mud, put the rooster on the barn, and put the cow beside the barn. Postional concepts and following directions is the focus.


Block Area- Farm animals and blocks to create animal pens
Sensory- pom poms and tongs(fine motor development)
Dramatic Play- Farm animal puppet show
Manipulatives- Making animal pens using clothespins
-Art- farm animal mural
-Easel- farmer and barn watercolor painting
Manipulative Table- salt trays with cars

Songs, Word Play, and Language
-We will be discussing how every animal on the farm has a job
-Old McDonald (beginning sound version of each child's name)
-Baa Baa Black Sheep
-I Love Mud
- Down on Grandpa's Farm

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