Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Unit May 23-27

We will be beginning a unit on the farm.  On Friday, we will be having going to Drumlin Farm to experience a real farm.  We will continue this unit next week as well and further discuss this unit.

Books this week:
The Cow that went oink
The Farm Alphabet Book
Tops and Bottoms

Small Groups this week:
-Animals on the Farm- We will be discussing and graphing animals that we will see on the farm. We will discuss ways they are different and the same.(ie;What animals live in a barn?, What animals give us milk?, What animals lay eggs on the farm?)
- Old McDonald Class Book
- Farm Animal Beginning Sound Game- We will be determining the beginning sound of things we might find on the farm

Block Area- Farm animals and barns
Sensory- Water, grass and snakes
Dramatic Play- Farmer's Market
Manipulatives- Making animal pens using clothespins
-Art- using white paint and shaving cream to create lambs
-Easel- Barns and red chalk

Songs, Word Play, and Language
-We will be discussing how every animal on the farm has a job
-Old McDonald (beginning sound version of each child's name)
-Baa Baa Black Sheep
-I Love Mud
- Down on Grandpa's Farm

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