Friday, April 29, 2011

Things that grow week 2 May 2-6

Theme 6- Things That Grow

Children will explore how living things grow, using observations, experiments, and books. Through story time readings, children will hear about ducks who find a special home, a new baby on a farm, a boy who grows from baby to school age, and a girl who discovers the joys of growing vegetables. Children continue to learn about leters, sounds, and rhyming words, and participate in many other math, science, music, poetry, and art activities.

Theme Concepts:
-Living things grow and have life cycles.
-Living things reproduce, and the offspring are the same kind of plant or animal as their parents.
-Living things need food, water, and proper living conditions to survive.
-Immature living things need special care.
-Living things interact, and among animals ther are predators and prey.

Book This Week:
Make Way for Ducklings
Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
Chickens Aren't the Only Ones

Small Groups:
-Vegetable Dice Game- We will roll a cube with 6 different vegetables on it. Then record on a chart which vegetable was on the cube.  We will discuss which vegetable came out the most, the least, or the same.
-Vegetable Memory- We will play a memory game using vegetable cards.
-Worm Habitat Observations- We will observe real worms in soil.  We will spray water on them and watch how they react.  We will then draw a picture of what they look like.
-How seeds grow art project-We will use art supplies to show different parts of a flower such as stem, roots, leaves, seeds, and petals.
-Animal Babies born alive or in eggs- We will look in books to see what babies are born live like people and born in eggs like birds. We will then create a chart to take home.
-Sorting Seeds- We will give each child 4 different seeds to sort into 4 groups. Then they will use words to describe each different seed.
Some of these groups will continue next week.
-Dramatic Play- Garden Shop
-Sensory Table- filling gardening pots
-Art Table-creating flowers for our garden mural
-Science- Observing Tadpoles and observing our green bean plants(observation journals)
-Blocks- Little People Community Helpers
-Math- Counting Seeds Activity
-Library- Books about growing
-Technology-using Ipads
-Easel- painting with "mud"

Songs, Word Play, and Letters
-Green Grass Grows All Around
-Grow song
-When I was one (a growing poem)
-Letter Garden- Each child will be given a fruit or vegetable. A "seed letter" will be planted and they will be asked if they have a fruit or vegetable that has the beginning sound of that letter.

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