Friday, April 8, 2011

Emotions Unit April 11-15

 The Cub Cadets are getting in touch with our emotions and feelings this week. We will be exploring a variety of emotions.  We will be reading a variety of books that explore how we feel in various situations.  We will role play and discuss how we feel in different situations(ie, when someone takes a toy, when a friend shares with us, when a friend falls and gets hurt).

The Bravest Fish
Glad Monster Sad Monster
Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?
Silly Sally
My Mouth is a Volcano

Small Groups:
-Feelings Bingo- Children will have a bingo board with different feelings on them.  A picture of a child in a situation will be shown to the group and we will discuss what the feeling is. Then they will find the matching emotion on their bingo board.
-Sorting Emotions- We will take pictures of the children and ask them to make a happy, sad, or angry face.  The pictures will be printed for each child to sort. They will sort the pictures by emotion then create a chart.
-Feelings Journal Book- Each child will create their own feeling book and decribe when they are happy, sad, and angry.
-Patterning Emotions- Children will create a pattern strip in an AB, ABC, or ABB pattern.

-Easel – primary colors
-Sensory– sand and buckets
-Dramatic Play – making food for others
-Art – Filling Buckets with happy things
-Manipulative Table- alphabet arch and letters to match
-Writing Center – writing cards to friends
-Puzzles – letter puzzles
-Blocks – blocks
-Science Table- Touching Table (Exploring how items feel)

Songs, Word Plays and Letters
-Eentsy, Weentsy Spider (emotions version-The sad little spider, the happy little spider.....)
(children will act out the emotion of the spider)
-If your happy and you know it, If your sad and you know it, If your scared and you know it.....

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