Friday, February 4, 2011

World of Color Unit- Week 1- Feb7-11

World of Color - Week 1

Theme – This week we will continue our Unit 4 of the Owl, World of Color. During this unit students will interact with colors explore topics such as color mixing, stains, fading, camouflage, and color patterns. Students will learn that color can be found in nature, that color can carry information, that paints and dyes are used to color things, colors can be mixed to make new colors and that sun and washing can make colors fade.

Weekly RemindersThis week the color is blue
During our color unit we will be having a "color day". Please have your child wear the color of the day and/or  bring something from home that is that color. Color day will on Thursdays.

Max's Dragon Shirt by Rosemary Wells
Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd
Small Groups
-Let's Talk about patterns- We will describe pattern and non-patterns by looking at models.  We then use manipulatives to create patterns using blocks and beads.
-Valentine Mailboxes- We will create "mailboxes" using collage materials for our valentine letter exchange.
-Is it colorfast? We will use crepe paper and diluted paints to explore how colors blend onto crepe paper. We will make predictions and observations about our experiment.
-Let's Make a Pattern- We will create patterns using colored animals. We will construct AB or ABC patterns. First we will use manipulatives then create a paper pattern.
-Uppercase Alphabet Memory Game
-Will Colored Paper Fade-We will conduct an paper fading experiment by putting construction paper in a sunny window. We will cover half of the paper to see if the sunlight fades the paper.  We will have to wait a few weeks to see our results. 
- Easel –Painting our our Dragon Shirts (inspired by our book Max's Dragon Shirt)
-Sensory table- Bubbles and objects to create a variety of bubbles
-Dramatic Play – Laundromat -sorting dark and light colored clothes
-Art Table- Finger painting
-Writing Center – Making Valentines for our friends to put into our class mailbox
-Library- Books about colors
-Fine Motor-Pegboards and colored pegs
-Blocks –Colored building blocks

Let’s Talk About It (oral language development)
-Washing clothes and how they can fade in wash
-Colors of food and flavors (ex- brown ice cream is chocolate)
-How to say thank you to people for helping us
Songs, Word Plays and Letters
1)Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
2) Down By the Bay
3) Five Green and Speckled Frogs
4) Green grass
5) What are you wearing?
6) Can you think of words that rhyme with__?
7) Stand Up (color recognition song)
8) Hands

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