Saturday, October 9, 2010

Families Week 4-October 12-15

Families Theme
This is our last week of our Family Theme

Children will be exploring and talking about families and the many different ways families relate to and help one another. Through the Story Time books, children will hear about a boy who helps his family take care of his baby sister, a boy who realizes how much he has grown when a new baby arrives, a girl who behaves badly when she want attention, and a lonely stuffed bear who finds a new friend. Besides listening to stories, children will begin to recognize initial sounds in words and identify rhyming words as they build vocabulary and comprehension skills. They will also be participating in a variety of music, poetry, mathematics, science, and art activities during Center Time and in Small Groups.

Theme Concepts:
*Family members have role names: mother, father, sister, and so on.
*Some family members live together; some live in other places but are still family members.
*Grown-ups in a family take care of the children. Younger children need more care. Older children can help take care of younger brothers and sisters.
*Children sometimes get angry at parents and may feel that their parents don't love them as much as their siblings.
*Sometimes grown-ups in a family don't like things that children do and tell them to stop or be quiet.
*Families do things together that are fun.

Books This Week:
Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats
Corduroy by Don Freeman

Small Groups:
-Marble Play- Each child will be given a marble to investigate. Using a magnifying glass we will look at how every marble is different. Then children will be given a box and and tubes to experiment how marbles move. They will be able to add materials to their box to see how the marble reacts and sounds when their marble hits other materials.

-Alphabet Bingo- This game will be playing with uppercase letters.

-Name Matching- Each child will be given a board with empty boxes(the correct # of boxes for letters in their name). Then they will be given the letters of their name which they will attach to the board. As an extention, children will be asked to cut and glue the letters of their name on a similiar board.

-The Animal Game- Children will use one-to-one correspondence to compare two sets numberically.  They will count animals and use sticks find a stick that has the same number of dots on it. They will determine if they are equal or unequal.

-Rhyming Word Pictures- Children will match rhyming cards in small groups.  The rhyming words will be familiar from some of our songs. (snake/cat,frog/dog, mouse/house, cat/bat).

-Boxes and Bands- Children will create simple instruments using boxes and rubber bands. We will listen to the sounds as we strum our instruments.  We will compare how thin rubber bands sound different than thicker rubber bands.  We will compare our instruments to the instruments we saw in our books,  (Oonga Boonga- harmonica, Whistle for Willie- whistling with our mouths) along with the bottle shakers we made last week.
**Please note that some of our small groups have continued into this week.
-Dramatic Play- Dunkin Donuts Cafe- Children will role play being a cashier, a baker, and a customer.  Provide materials will be small, medium, and large coffee cups/various kinds of colored munckins(pom-poms)/money/cash register/ muffin tins).
-Sensory Table- Rubber Ducks in water. (Babies Bath Tub)
-Art Table-Character Puppets for story Corduroy
-Writing- "My Favorite Stuffed Animal"
-Blocks- Blocks.
-Puzzles/Fine Motor-"Sewing"- Lacing Cards to dress Corduroy bear
-Library-Reading Aloud to dolls
-Literacy- Matching uppercase and lowercase letters on alphabet archs
Easel- Drawing with chalk then using cotton to blend colors
Songs, Word Play, and Letters
-Sequence Story of Corduroy
-Five Green and Speckled Frogs
-Dr. Jean Alphabet
-Five Little Ducks
-Down by the Bay
-If your name starts with ____ stand up

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