Friday, January 3, 2020

Farm Unit Week 1 (January 2-3 and January 6-10)

Unit Book:
What is a Farm
Farmer John

Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
What is a farm?
(barn, farmer, wool, silo, gate, map)

Meet our Letterlander of the Week: 
Sammy Snake
We will continue to have a special art project based on this Letterlander.   We are creating an alphabet book that will be completed by the end of the school year.

This week we will be doing the following letter activities in small groups: 
Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase: S and s
Fine motor activity to reinforce letter this week: Tracing S in sand
We will be reinforcing "alligator fingers" and "always start your letters at the top.
(How to make an S: S is a Center Starter " Start at the Top in the Center, Little Magic C, then turn and make a backward Magic C to the bottom) S is a Magic C Letter

Literacy Small Groups
Letterland Letter Review- After a long winter break, we will try to remember all of the Letterlanders we have learned so far. We will label the letters and sounds and then pair a picture with the same sound we hear in the Letterlander.

-Farm Same Sound Bingo- We will practice identifying rhyming pairs with farm rhyming bingo.  After listening to the teacher say a word, children will repeat the word and then find a rhyming farm picture on his/her mat while working to get five in a row.

How Many Animals in the Barn?- We will work on our counting and subitizing skills to fill our barn with animals.  Using a dot dice, we will roll to determine how many animals to place in our barn using a 10 grid.  We will discuss how many animals we have and how many more we need to fill our barn. After playing this game with counters, we will play our final round with dot stickers to make our own animals to take home. 

-We share sounds- We will be listening to sounds we hear in the beginning of words. We will match words that share the same sounds in the initial sound of each word. For example, cow and corn share the same sound. Gate and goat, wig and wagon, etc.

Stack and Take Down 5 (Subitizing to 5)- We will use farm pictures to sort by number.  Using the skill of subitizing we will recognize quantities in dots and fingers.  We will decide quickly whether there are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.  We will work to be sure this skill is automatic.  The more practice we have with this the more automatic our responses will become

All the Ways to 5-We will play a game and try to show different ways to make 5 such as 2 fingers, 2 dots, or the number 2 are all different ways to show 2. We will play a game to demonstrate this skill up to the amount of 5.

Art Table- Barn animals for a farm mural
Block Area- farms
Sensory Table- Corn kernels (feed for hungry chickens) Wind up chickens
Book Area- Exploring Books about Farm
Easel-Markers and paper
Dramatic Play-Farm Stand with pumpkin patch
Rug- Farms and Tractors

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-Farm Food Sort (What is the difference between fruits and vegetables)
-Animal Differences (2 legs/4 legs animals, animals that lay eggs/not lay eggs)
-Farm to Store process
-Farmer To Do List: What would be on the list?

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