Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Shadows and Reflections Week 1 (April 22-26)

Shadows and Reflections Unit Week 2
Unit Book:  Moonbear's Shadow
Weekly Question and Vocabulary Words:
What makes shadows change?
(wide, noon, short, long, cast, deep)

Literacy Small Groups
Lowercase Letters- We will practice the lowercase formation of the letter l and t a variety of mediums.  This may be in the form of magna doodles, chalkboards, salt trays, etc.  We will rainbow write and pencil practice the letter l and t as well.

Fishing for Rhymes- Using a boat in our house area, we will get in the boats with magnetic fishing rods.  Then we will catch fish on the ground until we find pairs of rhyming words. Then we will take our fish to the table and draw the rhymes we caught.  

April Self Portraits- We will be continuing our monthly self-portraits and name writing samples.

My shadow art projects- We will be recreating a shadow of ourselves. Each child will receive a person to draw as themselves. We will also get a shadow and a sun. Then each child will show how the sun above them creates a shadow on the other side of their body.

Short/Long Shadows- We will talk about how shadows can get bigger and smaller like in our unit book Moonbear's shadow. We will place the sun on the correct side then put shadows in size order. We will reinforce the concept of short and longer, shorter and longer as well.

Number Formations- Using the Handwriting Without Tears program as a guide, we will continue to practice forming numbers 1-10.  This week, we will practice numbers 7 & 8 using chalkboards or magna doodles and in our letter formation books.

Shape Hunt- We will use our clipboards and go on a shape hunt. We will try to find 2 D shapes around our school and record the shapes we find on our papers.

Superflex and Rock Brain Activity with Kate- Kate will join us again to review how we can be flexible in our thinking and not get stuck on ideas to avoid getting frustrated.

Earth Day Celebration- For Earth Day we cleaned up the "trash" on the playground and then at choice time we turned off the lights to conserve electricity. It was a fun way to experience choice time.

Art Table- Shadow art project (To reinforce the word cast and shadow)/Silouttes of our heads

Sensory Table- fish
Book Area- Exploring Books about shadows and reflections
Writing Table-Long/Short paper collages
Dramatic Play- Fishing for letters in a boat
Rug- We will use a large box to go into and use a light projector to explore shadows and light
Block Area- blocks with flashlights to create block shadows

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
- Do we need light to make shadows?
- How can we change the shape of shadows?
- Discussing shape attributes (How many corners/side does each shape have?)
-Comparing length? (short, long sorting)

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