Friday, January 25, 2019

Jungle Unit (Week 1) January 28- February 1

Weekly Question and Vocabulary
Unit Book: Amazing Jungle
What is a jungle?
(trunk, twig, branch, explore, hunt, graze, jungle)

Small Groups
Jungle Roll and Write- We will roll one dice or two dice. Then we will count the dots and say how many in all. Then students will write the number to record the number they rolled.

Search and Sorting Letters A and V- We will be working on the diagonal line letters A and V. We will sort uppercase letters and lowercase letters onto our letter charts. Then we will search our papers for uppercase A and V and lowercase A and V.

Journal Writing- Using our writing journals, we will write about our favorite jungle animals.  We will carefully sound out each word and write the letters we hear. We will work hard to add colorful details to our animal illustrations.  

Patterns- We will begin learning about patterns.  Using cubes, we will duplicate a pattern from our papers.  We will then try to extend the pattern and color our papers to show our work. Patterns are everywhere- look for them both inside and outside- be sure they repeat before calling it a pattern!

Rhythm Patterns- We learn more about patterns by using our bodies to make our own rhythm patterns.  We will practice repeating movements with our bodies (clapping, tapping, etc) then we will make our own pattern strips to make rhythm patterns.  For example, we can tap, tap, clap, tap, tap, clap or shake clap, shake, clap.  Try these at home

Nature's Patterns- Patterns can be seen in our natural world.  We will explore patterns on familiar jungle animals by looking at & discussing photos of a zebra, tiger, tropical bird and snake.  We will then recreate their patterns using cut paper and glue.

One Less Jungle Game- We will practice the concept of one less using a jungle dice game.  After rolling the dice, we will count out that many counters and then take away one.  We will color that many animals on our sheet.  We will challenge ourselves to guess how many without using the counters after a few tries.  We will also discuss more and less concepts.

Pattern or Not- We will play a  fun “Pattern or Not” game.  Using beads and pipe cleaners (snake body) we will create and extend a partner’s pattern. After some practice extending patterns we will challenge one another to decide if the design we made for our partner is a “pattern or not.”  

Art Table- Sloth for jungle 
Block Area- Zoo animals with labels for children to create zoo cages
Sensory Table-Water, leaves, frogs,
Book Area- Exploring Books about jungle and desert
Dramatic Play-Zookeeper  (Taking care of zoo animals)
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Playdough and sticks to make animal "cages"

Rug- Safari jeeps, animals, and people

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-What is a pattern?
-Patterns in nature
-Day and Night animals
-Patterns in sounds

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Our Good Morning Chant
-Down in the Jungle
-Five Little Monkeys
-Rhyming Identifying games
-Jungle Movement

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