Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Farm Chores in the Cub Cadets

(Collecting Eggs and Selling Eggs at a Farm Stand)
(Milking Cows)
During our Harvest unit, our class has been busy doing farm chores.  In our dramatic play area, we had a hen house where we need to collect the eggs from under the hens.  After we collect the eggs in a basket, we then transferred the eggs to cartons.  Then we put the eggs in a farm stand so we can then sell the “farm fresh” eggs.  
We also had been learning why farmers need animals on the farm.  The children have had the experience to “milk” cows.  We created cows and placed “milk” (white paint with water) in rubber gloves.  A small hole was made in the gloves and children had to squeeze the milk out while balancing on a peg stool.  It was fun doing chores on the farm. 

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