Friday, November 18, 2016

Families Week 4- November 21-23, November 28-December 2

Early Dismissal at 11:30 on November 23
November 24 and 25 No School
December 1 No School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

Unit Book
Antonio's Birthday Fiesta
Hooray A Pinata

Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
What do families do together for fun?
(guest, celebrate, decorate, musician, instrument)

Literacy Small Groups
-Introduction to Guiding "Reading"- (Thanksgiving Book)We will use basic reader books to introduce by looking at the pages in the books. We will reinforce reading concepts such as isolating words, counting the number of words on a page, words that are repeating, and 1:1 correspondence with words said aloud.

Syllable Take-Away- We will play a game to practice taking away syllables in words.  Using a mat with two syllable Thanksgiving pictures, we will guess the teacher’s word after she takes away one of the syllables.  We will use magnifying glasses to spot her word!  Practice taking away syllables in words with your child at home.  For example, say the word “party” and clap it together.  Then ask your child to take away the “par.”  What’s left?  “ty!”

-Syllable Sorting Game- Each child will be given a set of pictures on a bingo board. Each child will spin the spinner. If a child's spinner lands on a 2, they will place a block on their board on a 2 syllable picture such as turtle. Each child will get a turn until our boards are full. We will have pictures of 1 through 4 syllable words on our boards.

-Antonio's Birthday Fiesta sequencing Activity- After multiple readings and class discussion of our unit book, we will sequence pictures from Antonio's Birthday Fiesta.

-Introduction to Guiding "Reading"- (The Birthday Party)We will use basic reader books to introduce by looking at the pages in the books. We will reinforce reading concepts such as isolating words, counting the number of words on a page, words that are repeating, and 1:1 correspondence with words said aloud.

-Journals- We will be "writing" in our journals about what we like to eat with our family. Each child will draw a picture and be encouraged to say a brief statement about their picture. (ie. I like to eat pasta) We will draw a line for each word and have the children write the letters they hear. The goal is to introduce them to the concept of journaling not to have them write a sentence accurately.

Handwriting/Letter Groups
-Handwriting Without Tears Program- Letters Dd  and Pp.
We will learn what these uppercase and lowercase letters looks like.  We will sort magnetic letters to find matches.  We will hunt for them in our names and the names of our classmates.  We used crayons to hunt for them on our papers too.

Math Small Groups
-How Many Cubes are Left? Students will practice taking away quantities with a cube game.  Using 5 cubes, students will take away the amount the teacher told them to.  They will say how many are left by coloring the remaining cubes on their paper.  To extend this activity, we will play a guessing game where the teacher uses a stack of five cubes and hides some behind her back.  Students will guess the number of cubes hiding based on the remaining cubes.

-How Many are Hiding? In partners, students will cover some counters with the cup.  Then they will color the amount not hidden to find out how many are hiding under the cup.

-Drop and Count-This is a fun recording game to reinforce the concepts of subitizing up to 5 objects and comparing math concepts such as more, less and equal.

-Spinner Takes It All- A set of attribute blocks will be in the middle of the table for all to share. Taking turns, each child will choose a spinner. One with colors and the other with shapes. They will choose the spinner and spin. They will take all the shapes that match to their attribute. After each child has had a turn we will discuss.

-Cupcake Math- We will practice matching written numerals to quantities.  After rolling a number dice, we will add sprinkles to our cupcake using our dot markers. When we finish we will discuss how many of each color we added and counted how many sprinkles we had altogether.

Art Table- Pinata construction
Block Area- blocks
Sensory Table- Confetti with Letters
Book Area- Exploring Books about families
Easel-Markers and paper
Writing Table- Draw a picture of your family and things you like to do with them
Dramatic Play-Birthday Party
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Cupcake letters in a room hunt using clipboards
Rug- Legos

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-Take Away Stories
-Going Away on vacations
-Celebrations of other cultures

Preschool Life Skills 
- We will be focusing on our curriculum of Preschool Life Skills during this time to help us transition into our new classroom.
1. When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me, and say ,"Yes".
2. When I give you an instruction, do it "right away"
(Ask your child what do you do when your teacher tells you to do something.  They should reply "I do it right away." You can reinforce this at home too.  "Put your legos away and do it "right away""
3. When I give you  instructions, do them "right away" (multi-step directions)
4. When something is too hard say "Help me please"

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Syllable Sound Off, Compound Boogies
-Our Good Morning Chant
-Compound word break up game song
-If your a girl/If your a boy direction song
-Nursery Rhymes: Hush Little Baby, Hickory Dickory Dock

Classroom Motivational System
We will be learning classroom routines and expectations within our new classroom.  In order to create a successful and rewarding environment, each child will have a motivational system. Our classroom system promotes positive classroom behavior through positive peer modeling and teachers providing positive reinforcement for desired behaviors. 

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